Branded Distribution
Apples Sliced Solid Pack Success SH- 6×2.84 L D3231
Artichoke Hearts Quartered Success SH- 6×100 oz D3228-301883
Bagel Baked 12 Grain- 6 cnt DP8007-70447
Bagel Baked Blueberry- 6 cnt DP8017
Bagel Baked Everything- 6 cnt DP8018-70442
Bagel Baked Plain- 6 cnt DP8008-70443
Bagel Baked Whole Wheat Honey- 6 cnt DP8009-70446
Base Au Jus Beef Dip Mix Luda- 4.5 kg D3184/CS
Base Chicken Soup Sodium Free Luda– 4.5 kg D3134/CS
Base Chicken Stafford – 5.5 kg D3217
Base Poutine Sauce Dry Mix- 2lb D3211
Bean Black Whole Seasoned Cooked Dehydrated G- 26.9oz D3271
Bean Garbanzo Chick Pea SH- 100oz D3181
Bean Kidney Dark SH- 100oz D3182-301784
Beans Turtle Black- 540 ml D3277
Bear Paws Banana Bread- 6x600g D3238-00990
Beets Pickled Sliced- 6×2.84 L D3286
Bev Caramel Macchiato Boyds Harlans- 2 kg D3082
Bev Cookies & Cream Boyds Harlans- 2 kg D3080
Bev French Vanilla Boyds Harlans- 6x 2 kg D3084
Bev Glazed Donut Boyds Harlans- 2 kg D3078
Bev Hot Chocolate Boyds Harlans- 6×2 kg D3083
Bev Peppermint Twist Boyds Harlans- 2 kg D3081
Bev Pumpkin Spice Boyds Harlans- 2lb D3212
Bread Ciabatta Baguette Backerhaus- 12×450 gr DP8020
Bread Fresh WW 1/2″ Sandwich Slice- 675 gr DP8010-1653
Bread Fresh WW 5/8″ Slice Texas Toast- 675 gr DP8011-30168
Bun Burger White Sesame Canada Bread- 48 cnt DP8006-2015
Bun Fresh Dinner Whole Wheat- 12 cnt DP8012-30039
Bun Fresh Hamburger Sliced Whole Wheat- 12 cnt DP8013-22221
Bun Fresh Hot Dog Sliced Whole Wheat- 12 cnt DP8014-22220
Canola Oil Pure Carton- 16 L D3289-01
Cereal Cheerios- 1.45 kg D3256
Cereal Cheerios Multigrain G- 4×875 G D3207
Cereal Granola G- 2 lb D3055
Cereal Raisin Bran Kelloggs- 625 gr D3258
Cereal Rice Krispies Kellogs- 1 kg D3062
Cereal Vector Kellog G- 1.3 kg D3208
Chips Tortilla Regular- 454 gr D3266
Chips Tortilla Regular- 6×454 gr D3266/CS
Chocolate Chips Chipits Hershey G- 2.4 kg D3033
Chocolate Cocoa Powder Dutch Dark Rodelle C- 700g D3037
Chocolate Hot Light Single Serve Package Carnation- 13g D3054
Coffee Café Estima Starbucks G- 9oz D3124
Coffee Branded Decaf Ctb- 42x70g D3100
Coffee Canuel Medium Roast Ctb- 70g D3099
Coffee Branded Medium Roast Ctb- 84x70g D3099-CS
Coffee Creamer Hazelnut- 42x70g D3169
Coffee Decaf House Starbucks- 9oz D3127
Coffee Decaf Pikes Starbucks G- 5oz D3120
Coffee Dickson’s Dark Roast Ctb- 84x70g D3098
Coffee Espresso Roast Starbucks G- 6x16oz D3202
Coffee Ethiopia Blend – 60x70g D3192
Coffee Instant Nescafe – 12x250g D3191
Coffee Pikes Place Starbucks G- 5oz D3121
Coffee Pikes Place Starbucks G- 5oz D3123
Coffee Pikes Place Starbucks G- 9oz D3125
Coffee Veranda Starbucks G- 5oz D3122
Coffee Veranda Starbucks G- 9oz D3129
Coffee Verona Starbucks G- 5oz D3193
Coffee Verona Starbucks G- 9oz D3128
Cookies Arrowroot Christies- 1.4 kg D3253
Cracker Goldfish Cheddar- 1.64 kg D3254
Cracker Stone Wheat Thins- 1.81 kg D3255
Crackers Salted Premium Plus G- 100 cnt D3036
Cranberries Dried (Craisons)- 1.36 kg D3259
Crouton Portion Rothbury Farms G- 50 cnt D3034
Croutons Seasoned Bulk Dare- 5kg D3179
Donut Apple Fritter Fresh- 12 cnt DP8004
Donut Buttermilk Old Fashion Fresh- 24 cnt DP8002
Donut Cake Sprinkles Fresh 14Choc/10White Icining- 24 cnt DP8000
Donut Chocolate Long John Fresh- 6 cnt DP8003
Donut Glazed Ring Fresh- 12 cnt DP8005
Donut Mini Glazed Dipped Fresh 12ChocBav/12Maple- 24 cnt DP8001
Dressing Balsamic Vinaigret Hellmanns Unl- 2×3.78 L D3003-841220275/CS
Dressing Balsamic Vinaigrette Portions Hellmanns Unil- 102/44ml D3248
Dressing Caesar Light Portions 44 ml- 102 cnt D3279
Dressing Creamy Ceasar Portions 44ml Hellmanns Unl- 102 cnt D3050-84120197/CS
Dressing Greek, Feta; Oregano- 2×3.78 L D3096-84120270/CS
Dressing Italian Portions 44ml Hellmanns Unl- 102 cnt D3051-84120199/CS
Dressing Italian SunPic Fazio- 2×3.78 L D3001-140008/CS
Dressing Light Ranch Portions Hellmanns Unil

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. 102/44ml

Dressing Ranch Portions 44ml Hellmanns Unl- 102 cnt D3052-84120211/CS
Dressing Sesame Thai Vinagret Hellmanns Unl- 2×3.78L D3005-84120292/CS
Dressing Sesame Thai Vinaigret Hellmanns Unl- 3.78L D3005-84120292
Dressing Sundried Tomato Pesto Vinaigrette Hellmanns Unl- 3.78L D3247
Drink Crystal Blue Raspberry- 4×425 g D3235
Drink Crystal Lemonade- 12×425 gr D3233
Drink Crystal Peach- 12×425 g D3234
Drink Crystal Tropical Punch- 12×425 g D3236
Fair Flosugar Blue Raspberry- 10 lb D3101
Fair Flosugar Cherry- 10 lb D3102
Flour Unbleached All Purpose RH- 20 kg D3287-rh0082
Fruit Pear Halves in Juice- 2.64 L D3251
Granola Bar Chewy Chocolate Chip Quaker G- D3154
Honey Garlic Sauce- 4L D3166
Jam Grape Jelly Portions 10ml G- 200 cnt D3165
Jam Orange Marmalade Portions 10ml G- 200 cnt D3163
Jam Portions Strawberry 10ml G- 200 cnt D3044/CS
Jam Portions Strawberry G- 25 cnt D3044
Jam Raspberry Portions 10 ml G- 200 cnt D3164
Jam Strawberry- 1 L D3265
Jello Berry Blue Lynch- 2×1 kg D3063
Jello Cherry Lynch- 5 lb D3064
Jello Lime Lynch- 5 lb D3065
Jello Orange Lynch- 5 lb D3066
Ketchup Upside Down Squeeze Bottle 24x375ml- G D3241
Lemon Juice 100% Pure C- 945ml D3060
Marshmallows Small Pc G- 5 lb D3058
Mayonaise 1/2 Fat Hellmanns Unl- 20 L D3002-84112191
Mayonaise 1/2 Fat Hellmanns Unl- 2×4 L D3000-84112099
Mayonaise Chipotle Unl- 4 L D3053-6335020499
Mayonaise Portions 11ml Hellmanns Unl- 210 cnt D3045-84103334
Mayonnaise Real Supic- 16 L D3237-14010016
Mix Cookie Oatmeal Quaker-20Kg D3230
Mix Muffin Bran Robin Hood G- 20 kg D3205
Mix Muffin Oatmeal Robin Hood G- 6×2 KG D3206
Mix Muffin Plain English B- 50 lb D3076
Mix Pancake Buttermilk – 20 kg D3281
Mix Pancake Buttermilk- 4.53 kg D3262
Mix Sherwood Scone Robin Hood G- 20 kg D3077
Muffins English- 6 cnt DP8015-3116
Oatmeal Quick Oats- 5 kg D3257
Oil Baking & Waffle Non Stick Spray Canola Harvest G- 16oz D3059
Oil Canola SunPic Fazio- 16.87 L D3107-10080135
Oil Grill it G- 1 L D3106
Oil Olive- 3 L D3261
Oil Sesame Seed Golden Dragon G- 455ml D3105
Olives Black Sliced Success Sh- 100oz D3183-300916
Olives Whole Black Large Pitted Lindsay- 398 ml D3187
Pasta Dry Bow Tie Barilla- 10 lb D3029
Pasta Dry Cut Ziti Barilla- 10lb D3200-440074
Pasta Dry Gemelli #90 Barilla- 10lb D3201-440090
Pasta Dry Linguine- 10lb D3243-354013
Pasta Dry Macaronni Barilla- 10 lb D3032-440041
Pasta Dry Penne Barilla- 10 lb D3028-440072
Pasta Dry Rigatoni Barilla- 10 lb D3031-440083
Pasta Dry Rotini Barilla- 10 lb D3027-440081
Pasta Dry Spaghetti Barilla- 10 lb D3030-354005
Peaches Sliced Canned In LS Success SH- 100 oz D3157-356562
Peanut Butter Portions 20x16G D3239
Peanut Butter Smooth- 2 KG D3264
Peppers Fire Roasted Success SH- 100 oz D3008-339312
Peppers Jalapeno Sliced Success SH- 100 oz D3097-339107
Peppers Sweetypep Hot & Sweet 102oz- 6 cnt D3245-00048
Pickles Dill Sandwich Long Sliced Bucket- 19 L D3284
Pineapple Tidbits Light Syrup Success SH- 100oz D3057-357880
Pita Pockets Mini- 12 cnt DP8016
Portions Honey Pure- 200 cnt D3276
Potatoes Mashed Pearl Basic American G- 3.5lb D3009
Pumpkin Seeds- 908 gr D3260
Raisins Bulk 2KG-G D3240
Relish Pack Portion 7ml  G- 500 cnt D3041/CS
Rice Basmati Brown WMill- 40 lb D3246-
Rice Indian Basmati Texana Long GrainWM- 10 LB D3229
Rice Jackpot 40lb D3275
Rice Long Grain Par Boiled Royal Star- 20 lb D3103-00218-3
Sauce Apple Unsweetened Success SH- 6×100 oz D3214-300891/CS
Sauce BBQ Portions 28g Old Style Lynch- 100 cnt D3046-3030
Sauce BBQ Pouch Cattlemans Memphis Reckit- 5.67 L D3087-82661
Sauce BBQ Smokey SunPic Fazio- 2×4 L D3007-14013008/CS
Sauce BBQ Smokey SunPic Fazio- 4 L D3007-14013008
Sauce Beef Gravy Knorr Unl- 377 g D3026
Sauce Buffalo Pouch Frank’s Red Hot Reckit- 5.67 L D3088-82163
Sauce Burger SunPic Fazio- 4 L D3189-14030008
Sauce Cheese Cheddar Powder- 20 kg D3273-KR1759
Sauce Cheese Powder Instant Lynch- 8x450g D3025
Sauce Cranberry Whole Jug- 2 L D3280
Sauce Franks Original- 3.87 L D3095-74363
Sauce Honey Mustard – 4 L D3216
Sauce Ketchup Hunts- 100oz D3268-FD-FSKETCHUP
Sauce Ketchup Jug French’s Reckit- 2 L D3090-84520
Sauce Ketchup Pouch French’s Reckit- 2x 5.67 L D3089
Sauce Mix Alfredo no MSG- 600 g D3269
Sauce Mustard Jug French’s Reckit- 2 L D3091-8426
Sauce Mustard Pouch French’s Reckit- 5.67 L D3086-81848
Sauce Pasta Al Dente Stanislaus G- 100oz D3093
Sauce Pizza Stanislaus G- 100oz D3094
Sauce Plum Old Style Lynch- 4L D3167
Sauce Plum Sauce Portions 28g Old Style Lynch – 100 cnt D3048-3056
Sauce Poppyseed Honey Mustard SunPic Fazio- 4 L D3190-14032008
Sauce Spaghetti Trattoria Oil/Basil Stanislaus G- 100oz D3092
Sauce Sweet & Sour Portions 28g Old Style Lynch- 100 cnt D3049-3031
Sauce Sweet Chili Franks- 4×1.89 L D3004/CS
Sauce Tabasco Hot Pepper Jalapeno- 12×142 ml D3283
Sauce Tartar TFC- 4L D3290
Sauce Teriyaki Thick Golden Dragon- 4 L D3270
Sauerkraut Steinfeild- 2 L D3185
Soup Broccoli & Cheese Dry Knoee Unl- 4x595g D3137-84126771-CS
Soup Butternut Squash Dry Knorr Unl- 4x720g D3151-84124164-CS
Soup Cauliflower & Cheese Dry Knorr Unl- 4x531g D3136-84125289-CS
Soup Chicken Noodle w/Twist Dry Knorr Unl- 4x378g D3138-84125300-CS
Soup Clam Chowder Dry Knorr Unl- 4x765g D3139-84125239-CS
Soup Cream of Chicken Dry- 4x647g D3140-84124168-CS
Soup Cream of Mushroom Dry Knorr Unl- 4x634g D3146-84126744-CS
Soup Cream of Potato Leek Dry Knorr Unl- 4x787g D3141-84126738-CS
Soup Cream of Tomato & Red Pepper Dry Knorr Unl- 4x486g D3135-84126728-CS
Soup Cream of Vegetable Chowder Dry Knorr Unl- 4x656g D3142-84125328-CS
Soup Garden Vegetable Dry Unl- 4x246g D3143-84126739-CS
Soup Italian Wedding Dry Knorr Unl- 4x521g D3152-84125351-CS
Soup Ministrone Dry Knorr Unl- 4x423g D3144-84125396-CS
Soup Pasta Fagioli Dry Knorr Unl- 4x850g D3145-84125327-CS
Soup Thai Red Chicken Dry Knorr Unl- 4x620g D3147-84125290-CS
Soup Turkey with Rice Dry Knorr Unl- 4x326g D3148-84124319-CS
Soup Vegetable Beef Barley Dry Knorr Unl- 4x438g D3149-84125398-CS
Soup Vegetable Florentine Dry Knorr Unl- 4x449g D3150-84125333-CS
Soya Sauce Kikoman All Purpose C- 1.89L D3035
Soya Sauce Portion Kikoman 9g G- 500 cnt D3043/CS
Sugar Brown Best- 20 kg D3288-SU4
Sugar Golden Yellow Rogers- 4×1 kg D3291
Sugar Granulated- 20 kg D3272-SU10
Sugar Icing Sweet Source Pure Cane- 1 kg D3056
Sugar Plantation Portions G- 2000 cnt D3173
Sugar White Granulated Rogers- 1 kg Bag D3040
Sugar White Portions Rogers G – 7 kg/ 2000 cnt D3039/CS
Sugar White Portions Rogers G- 250 cnt D3039
Sunflower Seeds Bulk G D3180
Sunrype Fruit Source Bars Blueberry Pomegranate- 50×37 g D3227-2647
Sunrype Fruit Source Bars Strawberry- 50×37 g D3226-2645
SunRype Fruit Source Bars Wildberry- 50x37g D3243-2649
Sunrype Fruit to Go Strawberry- 154×14 g D3225-2391
Sunrype Fruit to Go Wildberry- 154×14 g D3224-2390
Sweetner Sweet & Low G- 3000 cnt D3203/CS
Syrup Maple Portions 200x16ml- G D3242
Syrup Pancake- 4 L D3263
Tea 1 Cup Red Rose Unl- 4×250 D3219
Tea 1 Cup Tea Red Rose Unl- 1000 cnt D3218
Tea 4 Star 2 Cup Tag Red Rose Unl- 4×250 D3220
Tea Green Bags Lipton – 5×100 D3223
Tea Orange Peaco Bags Red Rose – 100 cnt D3038
Tea Orange Pekoe 200g Bag Tetley C- 100 cnt D3204
Tea Orange Pekoe Salada  1/2 Gal Unl- 1×200 D3222
Tea Tazo Awake- 24 cnt D3109
Tea Tazo Calm- 24 cnt D3110
Tea Tazo Chai- 24 cnt D3113
Tea Tazo Decaf Lotus- 24 cnt D3118
Tea Tazo Earl Grey- 24 cnt D3112
Tea Tazo Green Ginger- 24 cnt D3108
Tea Tazo Passion- 24 cnt D3114
Tea Tazo Refresh- 24 cnt D3115
Tea Tazo Wild Sweet Orange- 24 cnt D3117
Tea Tazo Zen- 24 cnt D3116
Tea Wrapped Tag Red Rose Unl- 10×100 D3221
Tomatoes Fire Roasted Diced  Success SH- 100 oz D3022-358719
Tuna Flaked Light In Water Admiral- 1.22 kg D3011-383001
Tuna Flaked Light Packed In Water Admiral- 170 g D3010
Vinegar Balsamic- 500 ml D3267
Vinegar Pack Portion 9g  G- 500 cnt D3042/CS
Vinegar Pack Portion G- 100 cnt D3042
Vroom 3 Berry Buzz- 625g D3068
Vroom Cranberry Lemon- 625g D3069
Vroom Lemon- 625g D3070
Vroom Loaded Lime- 625g D3073
Vroom Orange Mango- 625g D3071
Vroom Peach- 625g D3072
Vroom Raspberry- 625g D3067