Food Recall Process

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Procedure for the Proper Process in Event of a Recall on any Food Service Related Product

 Branded Distribution has the ability to remove products from the market quickly and effectively in the event of a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Alert/Recall.  Branded Distribution currently subscribes to an email food recall alert program   by CFIA. Our plan also becomes activated when alerts are received from our vendors/manufacturers.  Our plan contains the following elements:

  • Identify the concern
  • Assemble the recall team
  • Notify the applicable regulatory agencies
  • Identify all products to be recalled
  • Segregate (put on hold) affected products that are in your control
  • Notify customers (informing them what to do with the recall products)
  • Prepare a distribution list
  • Control recalled products and decide what to do with them
  • Dispose of recalled products
  • Fix the cause of the recall
  • Prepare a press release (if necessary)
  1. Recall Team

The recall consists of the senior management team of Branded Distribution from the owner of the company to the district managers. The recall program is coordinated by John Dacre, Vice President of Operations or in his absence Glenn Canuel, owner of Branded Distribution. Each have the authority to call upon other recall team members as needed to address the issues at hand. Because many recalls happen outside of regular working hours, after-hours contact information is constantly updated and available for both John and Glenn.

  1. Complaint file

When a complaint is received the details are recorded and an investigation started. Potentially unsafe products are identified and directives are given to all parts of the organization where these products are in evidence,  to be removed from the system and returned back to the production/warehouse facility.  The product or products will then be declared safe or unsafe and then either put back into service, returned to our manufacturer/distributor or disposed of, as appropriate.

A complaint file will consist of:

  • Complainant Information – This should include information about the person who made the complaint (name, address, telephone numbers, any illness or injury) or if it was a Canadian Food Inspection Agency or vendor/manufacturer alert
  • Problem Details – The problem with the product (allergic reaction, illness, object in the product, chemical taste, etc.)
  • Product Details – The product name, lot code or production date, package type and size, other identifying codes, is there a sample of the product.
  • Retail Details – name and address of the source of purchase and the date of purchase
  • How the Complainant stored and handled the product
  • Detailed Illness Inquiry (Manufacturer) – Find out as much as possible regarding when the product was consumed, how many persons are ill, ages of people that are ill, etc.
  • Complaint Referred? – Has the complaint been referred to anyone else? This could be Public Health, , CFIA, , etc.
  • Investigate the complaint and record the findings

Testing the recall program

Mock recalls test a company’s ability to recall products without actually recalling them

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. Mock recalls are tested on a regular basis. The goal is to be able to identify every affected lot, know exactly where it is at any point in the process, and know who to contact to bring it back.

Mock recalls  test both product-tracking and ingredient-tracking systems.

If deficiencies are identified, problems are corrected and a retest of the program is enacted.